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And the best part, all of this traffic is FREE and for your taking!

With over 6 BILLION hours worth of video played EACH month – YouTube is THE place to be when it comes to getting in front of an audience...

If you’re a business and you’re not currently focused on YouTube Marketing - you’re making a HUGE mistake!

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YouTube is Money Lying On The Table –
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Don’t get me wrong.

I’m not for one moment saying it’s easy if you don’t know what you’re doing. You need to follow a PROVEN system created, tested and perfect by someone, like me, who KNOWS what they are doing and have actually been there, tested out things and perfected the process!

And that’s why I’m here today...

VidTube Training

This is a comprehensive YouTube training program that shows you step-by-step how to get a massive YouTube following and how to leverage it to get tons of free traffic, leads and sales within weeks.

You’re going to discover the exact tactics successful Internet Marketers and big brands are using to gain exposure.

PLUS with VidCuratorFX with you, creating videos is not even a problem!

Here’s everything
you’re about to learn:

Module 1

Creating Your YouTube Account

Lecture 1: Setting Up Your First Account Runtime

Lecture 2: Having Multiple Channels Under 1 Name: Runtime

Module 2

Configuring Your Channel

Lecture 3: Icon & Art: Runtime

Lecture 4: Lecture 3: Icon & Art: Runtime

Lecture 4: Description: Runtime

Lecture 5: Channel Links: Runtime

Lecture 6: Custom URL: Runtime

Module 3

Uploading & Optimizing Your Video

Lecture 7: Uploading Your Video: Runtime

Lecture 8: Monetization & Advanced Settings: Runtime

Lecture 9: Custom Thumbnail: Runtime

Lecture 10: Enhancements: Runtime

Lecture 11: Audio: Runtime

Lecture 12: Annotations & Inline Videos: Runtime

Lecture 13: Captions: Runtime

Module 4

Getting Views, Likes & Comments

Lecture 14: Free Methods: Runtime

Lecture 15: Paid Methods: Runtime

Module 5

Ranking Your Video

Lecture 16: Backlinks: Runtime

Module 6

Your YouTube Analytics

Lecture 17: Analytics Overview: Runtime

Lecture 18: Earnings Reports: Runtime

Lecture 19: Views Reports: Runtime

Lecture 20: Engagement Reports: Runtime

Module 7


Lecture 21: Conclusion: Runtime

You're Getting Everything
You Need To Succeed!

EVERYTHING you need to take you from a complete newbie YouTuber...

…ALL the way to an expert, raking in 'the big bucks!

It doesn't matter if you know nothing, and have never visited YouTube...

OR if you're a veteran and just want to pick up some more tips... this amazing course is going to HELP you take things to the next level!


It’s the perfect companion to VidCuratorFX!

With VidCuratorFX, you can instantly create tons and tons of amazing videos within minutes.

With VidTube Training, you can start leveraging YouTube to bring in tons of traffic, leads and sales using the videos you’ve just created with VidCuratorFX. It’s a perfect match and the easiest way to turn your videos into profits!


You see, VidTube Training teaches you some of the most cutting edge techniques that only a select few top marketers’ use to leverage YouTube to get free traffic, leads and sales like pros...and I don’t want these techniques to be used by EVERYONE and render them useless…

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Price Increases by $35 in exactly...

VidRank Training

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